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Feature Film

Howard Nash and Ellen Reilly prepare for a scene.

Wynne Anders, Mike Batelli and Robert Harrington
in "The Meeting".

The Meeting: Shay Gines as "Sylvia".

Howard Nash in "The Meeting".

Mike (Ron Michaels) discusses Sylvia's "original" idea.

Howard Nash, Mickey Ryan, Mike Marino, Erika Bowman,
Robert John Michaels, Sadie Jones and Robert Harrington
in "The Meeting".

George (Howard Nash) comes home.

George (Howard Nash) comes home to an enthusiastic welcome
from Fay (Ellen Reilly).

George (Howard Nash) waits for The Meeting to begin.

Sylvia (Shay Gines) talks about her latest screenplay.

Screen writing 101.

George (Howard Nash) discusses what it means to be
a professional.

George (Howard Nash) dreams of Sylvia (and talks in his sleep).

George gets busted (Howard Nash, Ellen Reilly,
Jourdan Cinnante).

Merry Christmas! (Howard Nash, Shay Gines, Robert Harrington).

George sings for Sylvia (Howard Nash, Shay Gines,
Wynne Anders).

Breakfast at home (Ellen Reilly, Jourdan Cinnante,
Nathaniel Hernandez).

George (Howard Nash) informs Fay (Ellen Reilly) they have
a guest sleeping over.

The "Perfect" Family: George (Howard Nash),
Sylvia (Shay Gines), and the kids.

Sylvia (Shay Gines) consoles Fay (Ellen Reilly).

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